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New Massachusetts Insurance Law Legal Questions & Answers

Regarding divorce and life insurance

The policy holder is the person who takes out the policy and pays for …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 11 months ago

Home insurance been over charging for 5 years do they have to pay me back

If they charged you more than you owe as per the terms of your …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 1 year ago

If a tow truck company damaged my car, how do I get reimbursed?

They can say anything they like, but that doesn't make it legally true. The …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 4 years ago

What can I do if I have water coming into the basement on all 4 walls of my ranch style home and my insurer calls it surface water so will …

If you believe that your insurer is violating their contractual obligation to pay compensation …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 5 years ago

What happens when an authorized driver on an another's policy has an auto accident but with their own car?

Under insurance laws of all states in this coutnry, your mishap will have no …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 6 years ago