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New Indiana Immigration / Naturalization Legal Questions & Answers

If my dad had a felony conviction 20 years ago, how to make him a U.S citizen now?

To accurately answer your question, it is important to know what exactly the conviction …

Bankston Immigration Law Office answered 7 years ago

How long do you have to be married before you can submit your spouse's application for legal residence or a grren card?

There is NO time limit - you can and SHOULD do it right away, …

BIRG & MELTSER answered 7 years ago

Am I eligible for permanent residency based on marriage to a citizen?

If you are no longer in a bona fide marital relationship, it is unlikely …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 7 years ago

What is the law regarding travel within 6 months of the expiration of a passport?

It appears for both passport issues and visa stamping it may be a problem …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 7 years ago