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New Alabama Divorce, Marriage, Alimony Legal Questions & Answers

Can my wife get half of the equity in our house if we divorce when she hasn't put one penny into paying for it?

If the house was purchased during marriage, then it is a marital asset and …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 9 months ago

Can you get a legal separation without hiring an attorney?

"Wise" and "possible" are two very diffent things. You can get a legal separation without …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 10 months ago

Will Alabama grant a legal separation if the parties still live together?

Some states require you to actually physically separate--that is, live apart--to get a legal …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 11 months ago

Can my husband legally remove me off his health insurance plan if we aren't legally separated or divorced?

There is no obligation to keep a spouse on a health or medical insurance …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 1 year ago