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New Rhode Island Criminal Defense Legal Questions & Answers

If I was convicted of a felony for larceny over $500 about 3 years ago and now want to get it expunged, how do I go about this?

In RI, one-time convictions can be expunged.  However, there is a waiting period before …

Goncalves Law Office answered 8 years ago

Will I have to do jail time for a failure to appear?

An arrest warrant (usually a bench warrant for traffic matters) means that you can …

Law Office Of Kevin Bessant & Associates answered 8 years ago

If I am a suspect in a crime, am I allowed to leave the state?

Legally you are free to come and go as you please.  However, if you …

Law Office Of Richard Southard answered 8 years ago

Can police search a 13 year old's bag without consent or probable cause?

Under the 4th Amendment of the United States' Constitution, law enforcement cannot search a …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 8 years ago