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New Utah Bankruptcy Legal Questions & Answers

Do I need an attorney to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy for my LLC?

You have to hire an attorney. The law only lets a nonattorney represent him- …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 1 year ago

Can a creditor who was included in my bankruptcy continue to report that the debt is in collection after my bankruptcy was discharged?

It depends on how the credit report shows the debt. The creditor cannot report …

Whiting & Jardine, LLC answered 5 years ago

Can you select the debt or debts that you want to include in a bankruptcy?

Your bankrupcty applies to all debts, except non-dischargeable debts (most student loans, taxes, etc). …

Whiting & Jardine, LLC answered 6 years ago

Can I still take someone to small claims court if they said they will/might file for bankruptcy?

You can still take them to court. Once they actually file bankruptcy, your case …

Whiting & Jardine, LLC answered 6 years ago