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New New Jersey Bankruptcy Legal Questions & Answers

Will filing bankruptcy stop a foreclosure bank eviction?

Bankruptcy will temporarily stay, or halt, an eviction, and by temporary we typically mean …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 3 years ago

Can I cram down on my car loan after my Chapter 7 has been discharged?

No, you can't do this: 1) You can only do a "cram down" in bankruptcy, …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 4 years ago

How much does a Chaper 7 cost?

The fee charged by attorneys for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy varies from city to …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 4 years ago

If my mother is 80 years old and has a personal debt of $11,000 dollars but owes a house, is bankruptcy a option?

Bankruptcy is an option, but *if* there is mortgage on the home, she will …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 5 years ago

What to do if I filed for Chapter13 about 5 years ago and have now just received a notice of garnishment?

The case, if closed, must be reopened prior to filing any supplemental documentation.  The …

Law Offices Of Terence Fenelon answered 5 years ago