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New New Hampshire Bankruptcy Legal Questions & Answers

How do i get the bankruptcy process started?

In order to get the bankruptcy process started, you really need to meet with …

Law Offices Of Brian P. Spaulding, LLC answered 6 years ago

What are the benefits to sitting on a non-affirmed loan?

Was your bankruptcy discharged with out reaffirming the mortgage?  If the answer is yes …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 7 years ago

Can I declare bankruptcy and still keep my house?

Whether or not you can save your home depends on the type of bankruptcy …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 8 years ago

If I won a lawsuit but the defendant went bankrupt, should the bankruptcy people contact me?

Never depend on other people to do the right thing.  The defendant's bankruptcy …

Law Ofice Of Jason Ostendorf answered 8 years ago