What should I do if I have been wrongfully accused of theft in the workplace?

Question Details: I have been wrongfully accused of theft by a previous employer; it happened 6 months ago. A police officer came to my door yesterday stating I had to set up an appointment for an interview. I was accused of stealing $50 from a petty cash drawer and was informed that some bank deposits were missing. I never took any of the things they are stating I did. The deposits and petty cash sit in an unlocked drawer that is not always attended by an employee. I'm not necessarily scared about the interview as I have nothing to hide and am not guilty but have never been to a police office or on any trouble in my 26 years of life and would just like to know what to expect what to say/not say and wether they can really accuse me of something that they have zero proof of?

Kevin Bessant / Law Office Of Kevin Bessant & Associates Answered 2 years ago This attorney is licensed in Michigan View Attorney Profile
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