What is needed for a minor to obtain emancipation?

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I have a friend who is considering emancipation. She will be 16 in April and lives in GA. Her reason is that her father is not supplying her with the emotional support she needs. Instead he gives her a cold shoulder and yells at her. They argue quite often but no physical abuse has been dealt. Her mother died when she was young and she's had to deal with this "emotional abuse" as I would call it. She's considered suicide but I have persuaded her that it is not the right choice. If she is able to get emancipated then she will stay with my family that can provide a good home and support. She will have to pay some rent so as to keep her place as an adult. I just really wanna know if her emancipation can be won in court? I'm worried. If I can't help her out of that house I'm afraid I may not be able to persuade her again.

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