What should I do about a claim I have for Chili's restaurant regarding a piece of an earring being in my chili?

Question Details: Yesterday I was eating at Chili's restaurant and I ordered chili. When the chili arrived I asked for another due to there being something I didn't ask for on there. When i got the second bowl I was half way done when I bit into something that chipped my tooth. It was a piece of metal that appeared to be a part of an earring or body piercing. I went to the manager and made a claim. I went to the dentist and they gave me a quote on how much it would be and they also told me that crowns don't last forever and I will have to in the future get it replaced. Am I entitled compensation for the future problems this incident will bring along with my immediate treatment?Any compensation for the pain I'm in along with the difficulty eating? Are there any other areas in which I should look into?

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