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What are the rights of co-tenant who is not on the lease?

If there is a written lease with the landlord and you are not on …

answered 3 years ago

Can you sue a storage company if there was a current storm and flooding, and you property was probably damaged?

In order to have a legal and factual basis to sue a storage company …

answered 3 years ago

If you are renting an apartment and sublease out a bedroom to someone without a lease, does that person need to give a notice prior to moving out?

Okay first of all you may have violated your lease agreement with your landlord …

answered 3 years ago

Is a Reduction Rider that forces me to show my apartment 4 times a week for 1 hour each, legal and enforceable?

NY Real Property Law §235-c gives the court  the power to decide if a lease …


Law Office Of Mark A. Siegel answered 3 years ago

Can a landlord sue for an exterior fire just because tenant is a smoker and it appears to have started by a cigarette?

He can sue, in that he can certainly file a lawsuit, and he may …

answered 3 years ago