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If we live in a 2-family house with a large yard, can our landlord's husband park his car in the yard without our permission?

A description of the leased premises & the scope of a tenant's use of the leased …


Law Office Of Mark A. Siegel answered 4 years ago

Do I have any legal standing after signing an agreement for a vacation rental I never stayed in?

If you agreed to lease a particular vacation rental but were unable to stay …

answered 4 years ago

If my money was stolen by the landlord's hired plumber, is my landlord liable?

No, the landlord is not responsible. An employer is not responsible for the criminal …

answered 4 years ago

Is it legal for my landlord to notify me a week prior to move about a rent increase?

The lease is a written contract between the two of you.  Has it been …

answered 4 years ago