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At what age can a child choose where they want to live?

In most jurisdictions a minor cannot choose with which parent they want to live. …

answered 1 year ago

If my children's father and I were never married and I have physical custody of our children, do I have legal custody also?

Child supoort orders are generally separate from Custidy and Visitiation orders.  If theer is …

answered 1 year ago

If you are an adult and a parent owes back child support, can you do anything to try and collect it without getting your other parent involved?

There are a lot of trickey elements to this question and you should consider …

answered 1 year ago

What can I do if my father was court ordered to pay school expenses and other expenses in a final divorce agreement but he has never paid?

Please consult an attorney in the state in which the divoce settlement was entered.  …

answered 2 years ago

If we have a minor from Germany staying with us for a week on vacation, what documents should we have regarding temporary guardianship for international purposes?

You should have a consent form from the minor's parents with health insurance information …

answered 4 years ago