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If my girlfriend of 18 years is in a terminal stage of liver failure and we have a joint mortgage and bank account, what do I do?

You, and more importantly her, need to see an estate planning attorney asap.  A …


Consumer Law Northwest answered 8 days ago

If my father passed away and I want to put his car in my name, do I need to go through his estate?

If you are already on the Title as a co-owner or if your State's …


Consumer Law Northwest answered 10 days ago

If I lived with a man for 14 years but we were not married, am I entitled to any part of his estate?

There is no common law marriage recognized in Arizona, but even if there were, …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 24 days ago

How do I access my deceased brother's bank account if he has a friend who he put on the account?

It depends upon HOW the friend is listed on the account documents.  If he …


Consumer Law Northwest answered 28 days ago