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If I am 21, what's the maximum I can blow on a breathalyzer and not get a DUI?

In GA, it is illegal for a driver to operate a motor vehicle if …

answered 2 months ago

If my daughter got arrested for an MIP, do we need to get a lawyer?

An MIP (minor in possession of alcohol) is a criminal offense punishable by jail …

answered 2 months ago

Can my 18 year old daughter have unopened beer in the car while driving and not be breaking any laws?

In GA, there are minor in possession (MIP) laws to prevent anyone under the …

answered 3 months ago

Is a DUI a criminal or a civil charge?

A DUI conviction results in both civil and criminal penalties. First of all, there is a …

answered 10 months ago

What should I do if I have a ticket for DUI and failure to stop at stop sign?

The charge that is of the most concern is the DUI. YOu don't give …

answered 11 months ago