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Is it normal practice for the DMV to suspend your driver's licence before you have a bench trial?

  There are a number of reasons for which a driver’s license can be …


FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 9 months ago

Can I get DUI if I wasn't driving at the point of arrest?

Yes.  If there is probable cause to believe you operated a motor vehicle under …

PROFILE answered 2 years ago

What exactly is a revocation hearing?

In North Carolina traffic matters a revocation hearing is sometimes allowed if you want to …


The Houser Law Firm answered 2 years ago

What should I do if recently got a DUI?

You should retain experienced DWI counsel  There are many defenses to a DWI.  That …

PROFILE answered 2 years ago

If I recently got a DUI with .10 BAC but had a prior Dui conviction 9 years ago, what can I expect when I go to court?

It is impossible to respond, without know the circumstances of the pending charge.  Every …


Theresa C. Langford, Attorney At Law answered 2 years ago