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Is there a pre-trial diversion program for first time juvenile offenders who are caught shoplifting?

Yep. There sure is.  Ages 17-22 there is a statute--276A.  Google it, and it …


McKinley Law Group answered 4 years ago

How do I get a bench warrants issued?

In Massachusetts, bench warrants are for the purpose of bringing a person before the …


Law Office Of Alan J Pransky answered 5 years ago

Why would an affidavit of probable cause be notoriized and dated before the date of offense?

This may be just a clerical error or oversight on the part of the …


Law Office Of Kevin Bessant & Associates answered 5 years ago

If my son was arrested for buying marijuana, legally can the officer contact his high school?

It is very common for a police officer to contact the school in MA. …


Law Offices Of Marina R. Matuzek answered 5 years ago