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What options does a subcontractor have to get paid from a contractor?

The terms of your agreement with the contractor will dictate.  You likely have a …


The Longo Firm answered 5 months ago

Do I need my parents to co-sign a contract if I am a minor?

You do need an adult to co-sign to make the contract enforceable.  Contracts signed …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 1 year ago

If I have an LLC business, am I required to purchase workman's comp insurance for independent contractors that I may occasionally use?

Generally, no, you only need to purchase worker's compensation insurance if you have employees. …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 2 years ago

If I'm starting an online shop selling art and goods, should I trademark my logo and file for a fictitious name now?

Well, the short answer is "yes"...the more robust answer is that you will want …


The Jackson Law Firm, P.C. answered 2 years ago