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Can my manager force me to be responsible for a disabled adult left on our property without supervision to use the pool?

Yes, your employer can require you to do this: your employer can require you …

answered 5 days ago

How will in-patient treatment affect the outcome of my case?

It should tend to make the prosecutor recommend and/or the court impose sanctions more …

answered 22 days ago

Can an employer change a schedule after posting it?

In an "at will" employment relationship, a company can set the conditions of the …

answered 1 month ago

If I'm getting divorced and my wife wants nothing, will the courts allow me to have everything?

Although it is not possible to predict how a court will rule in any …

answered 2 months ago

What can we do if an orthopedic surgeon refuses to fix a broken bone without insurance or $3000 down?

A doctor is not a charity: the law does not make doctors or hospitals …

answered 2 months ago