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What are my rights if I am a tenant and slipped and injured myself at my apartment complex?

Yes, you may bring a claim.  Keep in mind these cases can be challenging …


Law Office Of Christopher Earley answered 23 days ago

What can I do if I'm being charged with an owi for having gone off the icy road into a ditch?

They won't drop it in Mass to a lesser-charge.  If your breath was below …


McKinley Law Group answered 2 months ago

Can an insurance company drop your policy without any reason why?

It's difficult to answer your question, because there are many different kinds of insurance. But …


Hurr Law Office PC answered 3 months ago

Does getting a disorderly conduct ticket affect getting a visa/green card/ citizenship?

In Texas this is a Class C misdemeanor - and is unlikely to affect …

Theresa C. Langford, Attorney At Law answered 3 months ago