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If I was at-fault for an accident and had no insurance, can my license be suspended?

It depends upon your State law. In many States, yes, if you are in …


Consumer Law Northwest answered 1 year ago

If m ex-employer is demanding that I first talk to him before I can get my final paycheck, is there anything I can do?

I would suggest writing a formal letter, citing employer's obligations to tender final paycheck …


The Dai Law Firm, PLLC answered 1 year ago

What to do if my husband was at fault for an accident but only had 10k collision but we owe another 30k in damages?

I'm assuming you do not mean $10,000 in collission, which covers your own car, …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 1 year ago

f I'm in Chapter13 and have a 403B from a old employer, can I cash it out?

The answer is probably but state's and circuits vary.  You should contact your attorney …


Law Office Of Greg Wiley PLLC answered 2 years ago

Can an injunction be extended without a hearing?

There are different burdens of proof.  Even if your brother was found not guilty …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 2 years ago