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f I'm in Chapter13 and have a 403B from a old employer, can I cash it out?

The answer is probably but state's and circuits vary.  You should contact your attorney …


Law Office Of Greg Wiley PLLC answered 6 days ago

Can an injunction be extended without a hearing?

There are different burdens of proof.  Even if your brother was found not guilty …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 1 month ago

How can I get out of my disorderly conduct/domestic abuse charge?

According to the US Department of Justice, the definition of domestic violence is, "A pattern …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 4 months ago

If I had an OWI 6 years ago and received another 2.5 years ago, what can I do to clear my record?

New York does not expunge criminal records. That is why it is important to …


Law Office Of Richard Southard answered 4 months ago

If I own a retail garden center and a customer bought some bags of mulch, am I responsible for any clean up if the bags ripped open?

Well, I would assume that two of the customer's undelying allegations will be "negligence" …


The Jackson Law Firm, P.C. answered 5 months ago