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Is housesitting considered cohabitating?

No, housesitting does not consitute cohabitating. That having been said, it will not look …

answered 11 months ago

What can be done to remove a director/owner of an S-corp?

On the assumption that there is no shareholder's agreement that addresses a 'deadlock" provision...and …


The Jackson Law Firm, P.C. answered 2 years ago

What should I do regarding an MIP and maintaining a clear criminal history record?

Your future can be ipacted by this citation and a conviction.  You would be …

PROFILE answered 2 years ago

What to do if I'm 21 years of age and got arrested after a quick conflict with my 16 year old brother and charged with child abuse but I never …

You need to discuss what happened with an experienced criminal defense attorney.  your attorney …


Law Office Of Richard Southard answered 2 years ago