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If you are arrested, does the arresting officer have to read you your Miranda rights?

You only have to be read your rghts if you have been taken into …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 4 months ago

If you have a pending criminal charge for a breach of trust, can you leave the state that you were arrested in?

If your conditions of release do not restrict travel out of statem there is …

PROFILE answered 10 months ago

Do I need a lawyer for a malicious injury to personal property for less than $2000?

Absolutely--for any criminial case,  you really do need a lawyer. I say that not …


McKinley Law Group answered 1 year ago

How can I force a Personal Representative to probate a Will?

You can submit the will for probate and ask the court to name you …


Law Office Of Nathan Wagner answered 1 year ago