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If my mom recently made a Will but she doesn't own anything, will my sister and I inherit her debt when she passes?

It sounds like your mother's estate is insolvent.� You will not inherit her debt.� …

The Law Office Of Christine Sabio Socrates, Attorney At Law answered 4 months ago

What is the policy or law on child privacy while they are in a child care facility?

There is no reasonable expectation of privacy when a child is in a child …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 6 months ago

What do we do if my father passed away with a home-drafted Will that was signed and witnessed but not notarized?

Your father's will may be valid if properly witnessed, a notary stamp is not …


Christine Sabio Socrates, Atty At Law answered 7 months ago

If property was left to the children and the spouse, who pays the bills?

The executor of the estate pays the bills out of the funds in the …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 9 months ago