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How do I best respond to a notice of copyright infringement?

The entire matter would have to be reviewed to determine what response, if any …

PROFILE answered 2 years ago

How can my mother-in-law pay off my mortgage without my consent or knowledge?

The timing of the payoff and the document alleging that the payment was an …


Law Offices Of Terence Fenelon answered 3 years ago

What to do if my license is suspended in another state for 2nd degree trespass and failure to appear on that charge?

Don't believe so-- in fact, if you are arrested in Mass for whatever reason, …


McKinley Law Group answered 3 years ago

What are my chances getting a first-time DUI charge dropped?

Usually, your citation will indicate that you have a certain amount of time in …


Pietryga Law Office answered 4 years ago

Can you get your license revoked for a minor in consumption?

A minor in consumption is still an alchohol related offense in which the court …


Law Office Of Kevin Bessant & Associates answered 5 years ago