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If facts were misreperesented regarding the signing of a contract, is the contract still valid?

The contract is not valid because there is no "consideration" for you and your …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 2 months ago

What can I do to collect the balance of money due for a case I won but never received the balance due on?

Generally, you must make a payment demand.  If the judgment is against an individual …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 3 months ago

If a Will leaves everthing to a deceased person, what happens?

The estate will pass according to your state's law of intestacy.  Consent to probate …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 4 months ago

If I was arrested for shoplifthing and my fingerprints were taken, will afect me for an employment background check?

If you are convicted, it may certainly affect your future including employment. You should …

PROFILE answered 4 months ago