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What are my rights if I failed to appear in court but was never told to appear?

It appears that the citation may have been mailed to the last address as …


Law Offices Of John R. Bernardo III answered 21 days ago

If I'm out on bond and appear alone at arraignment and plead not guilty, can my bond be revoked if I am in compliance?

The short answer: yes.   The longer answer: yes and no.   Your question, …


Provda Law Firm answered 2 months ago

Do the police have to have search warrant in order to search a parked car without consent?

If the car has been stopped for a traffic violation, they would not need …


LV Criminal Defense answered 1 year ago

Should I include my car in my bankruptcy if I just purchased it but have not filed the bankruptcy paperwork yet?

This is something you should discuss with your bankruptcy attorney. You will not find …


Law Office Of Greg Wiley PLLC answered 2 years ago