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If a husband and wife both died in the same year without Wills, who are the legal heir?

If the husband died first, without any natural or adopted children, his surviving spouse …


Christine Sabio Socrates, Atty At Law answered 2 years ago

How do you get a public defender?

At her first court appearance/arraignment she needs to tell the judge that she can …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 3 years ago

If I'm a 16 year old male and got caught shoplifting, can I get the offense taken away since I'm a first-time offender?

Depending on the court's policies in your City and State, a Diversion Program may …


Schlimmer Law, LLC answered 3 years ago

What constitutes dental malpractice?

Only another dentist who examined the X-rays and all the other dental records involved …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 3 years ago

When does the statue of limitations start running on a misdemeanor?

The statute of limitations begins running on the date the offense is committed.  The …

PROFILE answered 3 years ago