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If I was involved in a hit and run several weeks ago, should I obtain a criminal defense attorney?

If they couldn't have arrested you before, they certainly can now that you have …


Consumer Law Northwest answered 11 days ago

If my single member LLC has stopped operating, do I lose my protection from creditors if I dissolve?

Your LLC only offers limited liability with regard to debts entered into in the …

PROFILE answered 1 month ago

Are shareholders' votes considered public information or is it protected by consumer privacy laws?

Well, the first question for you is "how would this information move beyond the …


The Jackson Law Firm, P.C. answered 3 months ago

What are my rights if my former girlfriend and I started a personal training business together but it fell apart?

If your ex-girlfriend is not willing to give you half of the money in …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 9 months ago