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If my mom recently passed away and I was given her car but never received the title, how can I get the car in my name?

If your mother's estate was probated, then you would need an application to distribute …


Christine Sabio Socrates, Atty At Law answered 4 days ago

Is probate necessary when there are little to no assets but debt left?

This question is difficult to answer without additional information.  If you could provide additional …


Christine Sabio Socrates, Atty At Law answered 4 months ago

What to do if I apparently hit a mailbox coming home from a friend's house and someone saw it and called the police?

Stop posting on web pages that are public.  Hire an attorney early tomorrow morning, …

Theresa C. Langford, Attorney At Law answered 6 months ago

Can I use the name "Mark Twain" and a drawing that I have on my product?

"Mark Twain" is a trademarked name and would require a license for its use. …

PROFILE answered 7 months ago

If I was involved in a hit and run several weeks ago, should I obtain a criminal defense attorney?

If they couldn't have arrested you before, they certainly can now that you have …


Consumer Law Northwest answered 7 months ago