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What should I do if my employer has accused me of using a company credit card for personal use of up to $1800?

Make no statements to police or anyone else unless or until you have poken …

PROFILE answered 5 months ago

Is a contract voided upon the death of one of the parties to it?

The answer depends on the terms of the contract.  Often, a countract will provide …

PROFILE answered 6 months ago

Can I own/get my permit to carry if my husband has been charged with a misdemeanor for domestic violence?

He cannot possess a weapon.  If he resides in your home, there may not …

PROFILE answered 6 months ago

Can we be sued by a POA for pulling our insurance off of a car after we left it in their possession?

I can not imagine what basis the POA could have to sue you for …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 10 months ago