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What can I do if I hit a deer on the highway but my insurer refused to help because I was not covered for comprehensive damages?

Your contract with your insurance company controls what is and what is not coverd. …

PROFILE answered 28 days ago

What is my responsibility regarding damage to a vehicle that was accidentally hit when I was loading some items into my car?

If you can be deemed nbegligent, you can be held responsible for the debt. …

PROFILE answered 1 month ago

What can I do if 35 years ago I was victim of an event that prevents me from getting bonded for a permanent position?

Your questoin is far to vague to be answered.  You should speak with a …

PROFILE answered 1 month ago

If my apartment is infested with roaches and I've been bitten twice, what should I do?

First, take pictures of the problems for your records; second, call the landlord to …


The Jackson Law Firm, P.C. answered 1 month ago