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How much trouble am I in, if I have been caught twice driving with false temporary tag?

How can this be the first time you have gotten into trouble with the …


Consumer Law Northwest answered 1 year ago

Can I file for divorce while still waiting on the final discharge notice for our bankruptcy?

While it is possible to file for both divorce and bankruptcy at the same …

answered 2 years ago

Is it legal to have a requirement added to a case years after sentencing be enforced due to a law change?

Your question is unclear.  You would have to be far more specific.  There are …

PROFILE answered 2 years ago

If I was charged with disorderly conduct and the criminal discharge of a firearm, do I need to get a lawyer?

You are never required to hire a lawyer, but that would certainly be a …

PROFILE answered 2 years ago

What are my rights if I want to leave the LLC business that I formed with 2 other partners?

First, slow down a took time to develop and form the company...and it …


The Jackson Law Firm, P.C. answered 2 years ago