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If my late father told me that I could have his car, is that promise legally binding now that he is dead?

If your step-mom is the executor, she only needs to share the will with …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 2 years ago

What to do if my sister's car was parked when a garbage truck sideswiped it?

If the company does not contact her, she should report it to her own …

PROFILE answered 2 years ago

Can a business sue for slander due to a negative review on a website?

Defamation in writing is referred to as Libel, whereasa slander is spoken satements.  the …

PROFILE answered 3 years ago

What to do if I just got a job offer but it included some language I am not certain about?

Hello. If you are unsure of the language, you may hire an attorney to …


Tricia Dwyer Esq & Associates PLLC answered 3 years ago

Do I absolutely need a lawyer for a fourth degree misdemeanor, if is my first time conviction of any crime and I'm at age 50?

Strictly speaking, no.  However, it is often said that he who represents himself has …


The Bryans Law Office answered 4 years ago