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If I have a warrant for my arrest for failure to appear and plan to turn myself in, what am I looking at?

You don't put enough inforation to answer your question.  You face up to the …


Law Office Of Richard Southard answered 1 month ago

Do I have a case if i slipped and injured myself on ice on hospital grounds?

Maybe.  However, slip and fall cases are very difficult with midwest winters.  You must …

PROFILE answered 2 months ago

If my car was damaged on the premises at my job but no one admitted to it, what are the chances of winning a lawsuit against my employer ?

The statute of limitations on property damage is generally two year.  However, here there …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 4 months ago

If a recently a relative that was living with m, fell and died because of that fall, can her estate sue me?

Her estate can not sue you.  Her surviving relatives might be able to sue …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 5 months ago