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Can a motorcycle dealer back out of a deal if aprice was quoted incorrectly?

If the contract was not concluded and payment accepted, the answer is "yes."  Much …

PROFILE answered 2 years ago

Do grandchildren came before distant relatives under next of kin law?

Yes, in Idaho grandchildren inherit before distant relatives if a person dies without a …


Blackburn Law Firm answered 4 years ago

What to do if my wife wants me to move out of the house?

Hopefully, you have retained the services of an attorney to protect your interests.  Your …


VANJOHNSON LAW FIRM, L.L.C. answered 4 years ago

If I do not want to use my lawyer anymore, what legal paper do I have to file with the court to go pro se?

You attorney would have to withdraw from the case and then you would submit …


Snake River Law PLLC answered 4 years ago