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Once I reach a settlement agreement with the insurance adjuster, can I trust their release forms?

When the provisions of a settlement agreement/release are not fully performed, the parties can …


The Longo Firm, P.A. answered 1 day ago

What to do about a refund and an item that a store will not accept a return on?

First, chargeing back the item does not mean you win.  You can be sued …

PROFILE answered 1 day ago

What do I do if my daughter was driving my car and slightly struck another car causing minimal damage?

Sometimes with an accident, especially when someone is hit from behind, they feel OK …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 11 days ago

What to do if I was rear-ended while stopped at a red light and the car that hit me took off?

Unfortunately, as we all know, when you buy a new car, the value drops …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 24 days ago