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If I have an LLC business, am I required to purchase workman's comp insurance for independent contractors that I may occasionally use?

Generally, no, you only need to purchase worker's compensation insurance if you have employees. …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 1 day ago

How do I know if I qualify to file a Chapter 7?

You must perform what is known as a "Means Test."  If you do not …


Law Office Of Greg Wiley PLLC answered 2 months ago

If our father passed away without a Will and had debt, what do we do?

A POA terminates at death so that would not have helped you after your …


Christine Sabio Socrates, Atty At Law answered 3 months ago

If the damages in an auto accident for which I am at fault exceed my insurance coverage, am I opened to be sued?

The short answer is YES.  Suppose you have a $50,000 judgment against you, but your …


The Longo Firm answered 3 months ago