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Will I go to jail for failure to pay restitution?

It depends what your plea bargain was.  If it was a condition of an …


Law Office Of Richard Southard answered 2 months ago

What to do if a friend's car was totaled when someone hit it while it was parked on the street?

She can always sue but she will unquestionably lose.  Before the accident, she had …


Consumer Law Northwest answered 4 months ago

What can I do about a partner that I'm in business with who does not communicate about anything and does what he wants?

It depends on how your business is organized. If you and your partner operate through …


Law Office Of Nathan Wagner answered 7 months ago

If my mother just passed away, what happens to her pension?

It depends on how the pension was structured.  Some pensions do not allow people …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 7 months ago