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What happens if a claim against is denied by your insurer and the other driver sues you personally?

If you are sued, simply turn it over to your insurance company.  They should …


Consumer Law Northwest answered 1 month ago

Can you charge a family member who committed several years of child molesting and forced sexual acts, if it happened almost 15 years ago?

Generally, the only way someone can be charged with a crime of child molestation that …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 5 months ago

What can I do about an extremely inflated 1099 reporting?

From federal taxation perspective (rather than any state laws), you should get together the …


Hurr Law Office PC answered 6 months ago

How best to provide for distribution of a Will if one of the beneficiaries pre-deceased the maker and has no children?

You could have the will give the predeceased child's share to the heirs named …


Law Office Of Nathan Wagner answered 7 months ago