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If I own a fitness studio that is housed in a building shared by a clothing store, what are my rights to play workoput music?

The answer probably depends upon the language in both of your leases.  Even though …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 14 days ago

What can I do if a tree limb fell on my car while driving on a public road and damaged my car?

The property owner is only liable if the property owner did something negligent that …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 21 days ago

Can I refuse to testify against a criminal if I'm afraid he'll come after me?

Depends on what you mean by refuse.  You can be subpoeaned and 'compelled' to …


The Houser Law Firm answered 22 days ago

Can someone who is threatening to pressing charges against me ask for money to not press the charges?

That would be extortion and it is not legal.  However, it is not really …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 25 days ago