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What can I do if I lent someone money and they have constantly avoided paying me back?

You could potentially sue the person. Depending upon the amount, you might even be …


Law Offices Of Brian P. Spaulding, LLC answered 1 day ago

As an officer of a corporation, am I automatically considered a registered agent for the company or do I have to agree to this role?

No. The registered agent is generally includedin  with the filing of the Articles of …

PROFILE answered 6 days ago

What should I do if recently got a DUI?

You should retain experienced DWI counsel  There are many defenses to a DWI.  That …

PROFILE answered 14 days ago

Is there any legal document that I can sign to refuse my inheritance and release me as a beneficiary?

That is an extremely noble and honest inquiry and I am happy that I …

PROFILE answered 14 days ago

Is it copyright infringement if I reference pages/chapters from a copyrighted book?

It is not copyright infringement to merely reference a copyrighted book.  Rather, it is …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 18 days ago