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What should I do if recently got a DUI?

You should retain experienced DWI counsel  There are many defenses to a DWI.  That …

PROFILE answered 1 day ago

Is there any legal document that I can sign to refuse my inheritance and release me as a beneficiary?

That is an extremely noble and honest inquiry and I am happy that I …

PROFILE answered 1 day ago

Is it copyright infringement if I reference pages/chapters from a copyrighted book?

It is not copyright infringement to merely reference a copyrighted book.  Rather, it is …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 5 days ago

If I recently got a DUI with .10 BAC but had a prior Dui conviction 9 years ago, what can I expect when I go to court?

It is impossible to respond, without know the circumstances of the pending charge.  Every …

Theresa C. Langford, Attorney At Law answered 12 days ago

How long after an accident in which you were injured can you seek legal help?

How long you have depends upon your local state's law and what your theory …


Consumer Law Northwest answered 19 days ago