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Is the digital copy of my Will my property or the property of the attorney?

It depends on the attorney who drafted it for you.  Some attorney's do not …


Christine Sabio Socrates, Atty At Law answered 1 year ago

If I'm a divorced mother with 5 adult children and their father died intestate, do my children have any claim to part of his estate even though he remarried? …

Unless the children were expressly disinherited in your deceased ex-husband's will, they do have …


Elena Eckert answered 3 years ago

If my soon to be ex-husband changed the locks on our home, what are my rights?

If there is no restraining order against you from entering the property, you should …


Roberts Law Group answered 4 years ago

What to do if I'm being charged for something that I didn't order?

Call them to call. There must be some fine prints saying if you do …


Roberts Law Group answered 5 years ago