How do you find out if someone received a settlement from a lawsuit?

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Is there anyway to find out if my sister got lawsuit money? My mom was a passenger in a car accident. The kid who caused the accident had no insurance, no license, not the owner of the car, etc. His girlfriend died on the scene. My mom suffered; her leg was shattered among other problems. She was air flown to the medical facility. They put steel rods and pins in her leg. After coming home took she had go to to another hospital. Due to a bad infection her leg had to be amputated (should have been done in the beginning). Mom died as a result of infection a couple days later. My oldest sister who hasn't had anything to do with mom in years showed up and took over. The lawyer said can go after kid or take the $25 uninsured motorist insurance from driver of car mom was in. My sister took the $25,000. The lawyer and funeral were paid. The remainder was prorated to medical bills. Brother and sister all fighting now. One brother says that sister got another lawsuit for $65,000. Is that possible? Is there anyway to find out? Accident in MO; mom lived in AR; sister lives in TX; and the medical facility is in TN. Important Notice