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If I was to gift my goddaughter a piece of property for $1 will I have to pay IRS tax on this?

At the present time, there is a $5,000,000 exclusion from federal gift taxes.  However, …


Joseph Gasparrini answered 2 years ago

what does nolle prosequi : all counts means? are all charges waived off from me?

Nolle Prosequi is Latin for "we shall no longer prosecute," which is a declaration …


Donald Appignani answered 5 years ago

What happens if you re-marry before your divorce is final?

Hello.  My name is Natasha Goodarzian and I am in attorney licensed to practice …


The Law Office Of S. Natasha Goodarzian answered 4 years ago

I am starting an escort service and need to know what kind of taxes iI have to do.

I'd form an S corp or an LLC but neither will protect you if you …


Kanouse & Walker, P.A. answered 5 years ago

At what age can a child decide which parent they want to live with?

I recommend that you contact the NE State Bar Association or the local bar …


Law Office Of Michael D. Brown answered 4 years ago