What are my rights when a neighbor plants trees on my property line?

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This morning I came from church to find that there were 3 evergreen trees, about 3 ft high each, planted in a straight line about 4 ft apart to mark the Property line between me an d my neighbor., The problem is the trees are 5 ft on my side (I have a survey), but even if they were right on the line, within a couple of years the limbs would be on my side. I will contact the Realty Co. in the next few days and tell them this but what is the law as to how close near a neighbors line you can plant trees? Surely one cannot plant a tree right at the property line? I know one is not allowed to have a pond or pool within 6 ft of a fence. Where can I get some info on these type of laws? I been on the net for hours but can't find any answers for my situation and I really can't afford a lawyer.There is no HOA in our sub-division. Thank You.

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