Can my husband remove furniture from the marital residence without my permission?

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My husband and I are separated (not legally) and are in the process of short selling our house. He works three 12 hours shifts from 7pm to7am. I stay at our home when he is at work and at my mothers when he is at home. We have a 16 year-old son who primarily stays with me wherever I am staying. We also have a 19 year-old who is in college on a scholarship. I just found out that my husband told then kids that he is planning to move to his sister's house and is planning to take all of the furniture. He told the kids not to tell me and that they would be staying with him. Therefore I would like to know what I can do to stop him from doing this and what my options are? I plan to either file for a legal separation or divorce but will have to do on my own since I don't have any money. Neither of us make much money and have no savings of any kind. We have been married for 23 years. Important Notice