How can my mom protect her assets from being seized by Medicare if she needs long term care?

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My mother is 48 years old and on disability with pancreatic cancer in remission. She is recently widowed with 3 properties, in addition to her primary residence and a vehicle. She is eligible for Medicare in 4 months. She is wondering the best way to protect her assets from being seized if she were to become ill again and need nursing home care? We have heard about revokable trusts but are unsure if that would protect the property. She has also thought of putting the properties in mine and my sister's name with hers on the deed as well so that she will only be 1/3 owner and hopefully won't make it eligible for seizure but we don't know if that would work either. She also does not want to give up any control of her assets and does not want to have to "ask permission" to change her assets. What option would be best for this scenario?

Sharon Siegel / Siegel & Siegel, P.C. Answered 3 years ago This attorney is licensed in New York View Attorney Profile Important Notice