Do I have to be paid if I gave 2 weeks notice?

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I am paid 100% Commission. I recently got a new job, and put my 2 weeks notice in the day before I went on a 5 day vacation, and then was scheduled to work an additional 5 days when I got back. At the end of my shift they told me that they were thankful that I gave them my 2 weeks notice but today would be my last day of work. Basically, I want to know if it is legal for them to fire me? Also, since I am commission I am losing a lot of money. My company says that they only pay for installed jobs while you are working a majority of my jobs where scheduled to be completed in the following 2 weeks and I think that is why they fired me so they would not have to pay. What options do I have if any to get paid for the 2 week? I have not talked to them yet about how I would get paid, but I would like to finish out my last week once I return from my trip on Wednesday. Important Notice