What can happen to me if I owe back medical bills?

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A hospital is suing me for unpaid bilsl. All I have of worth is my home and 2 cars, which totalled together wouldn't add up to enough to cover what I owe. The bills are from 2005-2008 and total, with lawyers fees, about $40,000. I have been to this hospital many times before and after this suit and have never paid the bill before, nor have I ever had insurance. They gave me a card to present in 2001 that would cover any visits to this hospital. I have told them every time that I have no money and cannot afford to pay, yet they still make me sign a ton of forms promising to pay. I never read these papers so I'm ill when I get them. Now the hospital's lawyers have sent me all of the forms that I signed. What action can they take?

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