What to do if a car dealership failed to disclose the correct payoff amount on a trade-in?

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I traded in my car and purchased an SUV. The salesman called the company holding my existing auto loan for the payoff amount, which they gave to him verbally, as well as faxing him a copy. I purchased the car and signed a trade-in document which indicated that if the payoff was different I would be responsible for the difference. When I called to find out when I would receive the registration and tags for the new car, the financial officer proceeded to inform me that I owed $487 on my old car. Apparently the trade-in amount was less than owed. Now I signed the paperwork to be responsible for this but they failed to disclose on the paperwork that the original payoff was $7,787; they only had $7,300 down. I assumed, since the salesman was given the payoff amount that the $7,300 covered the total payoff of the car. Now the old dealership still has not been paid and the sales manager at the new dealership will not return my calls, says that he is busy, etc. Do I have legal action based on the fact that they never disclosed my true payoff amount? They were faxed the payoff amount from the old car dealership.

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