Class A misdemeanor domestic assault charge in TN. Assault made in self defense, what to do?

Question Details: My question is how do I resolve this charge in the most timely way without permanent damage to my record. A brief overview of the night of the arrest: I was home when live in boyfriend came home very intoxicated. I was worried/disappointed in his dangerous behavior-he drove 20 minutes to get home on busy interstate. When confronted he became enraged-backed me into a chair (He outweighs me by 70+ pounds & is nearly 9" taller). I threw my hands up in self-defense, left single scratch. He called police, I was arrested. He is willing to cooperate-wants charged dismissed. What are our best options?

Claiborne Ferguson / The Claiborne Ferguson Law Firm Answered 5 years ago This attorney is licensed in Tennessee View Attorney Profile Important Notice