Can my husband have me put out just because the house is in his name and he owned it before we married? 

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I and my husband moved in together (his house in his name) in 2002. We married in 07/05. He gets Social Security Disability and I had become disabled in 2005 as well. I never filed for Social Security because they told me it's just more paperwork since we're married. We are now separated and I have a Temporary Order of Protection against him. Court for the permanent order is in 2 days and I would like to know whether or not the judge could actually put me out with my 3 children. My husband has threatened this on numerous occasions, stating how I won't get any part of this house because he owned it before we moved in. Also, do you think the judge will take into consideration how long we've lived "as married" or just married? (There was no pre-nuptial agreement). I also need to know if he can be forced by the judge to keep me on his Social Security Disability (force to hold off on divorce & live separately), as he didn't want me to work and now I am unable to work due to multiple collapsed lung. Important Notice