Can I sue my landlord company for refusing to clean up raw sewage in the basement of my townhome apartment?

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My landlord sent maintenance men to fix the problem. Well they came and sucked up the sewage that was in there with a wet vac and dumped the first load out in my yard. I didn't think u could do that cause of it being a bio-hazard plus I have 2 dogs. Anyways they dumped the rest in my sump pump. They fiddled around down there for an hour or so and finally told me they have to call someone else to fix it. So they gave me a key to another apartment to use water. Meanwhile sewage was still filling in my basement even when I wasn't using water. The other company came and said they couldn't fix it that it was a city problem. So I had to let sewage sit in my basement all weekend. The city came and cleaned the pipes but not the sewage siting in the basement. Landlord said it was my responsibility to clean it up. Is that right? I couldn't help what happened and that sewage was shared with more than just my place. Important Notice