Can I sue a local city for my legal fees for false arrest and prosecution?

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I was accused and charged with domestic assault by a local PD against my ex-girlfriend (who I had been asking to leave). I spent the night in jail, they confiscated my handguns. I was ordered out of my own house for 3 months and had to rent hotel rooms to live in while she was allowed to stay in my house. She was later arrested and committed to a local psychiatric hospital for treatment. I was tried in court and found innocent by the judge. She was found guilty of perjury, filing false reports, stalking and harassment. I was forced to spend nearly $6000 for my defense. Additional information even with these charges against her, they still prosecuted me. I recently contacted the state police and they "advised" the local city by email to return my property because they were in the wrong for taking and holding the items. It was returned. I should be able to recover the money for my defense as well. Important Notice